Sainath Maharaj ki Jai...

The Master of entire Universal cosmic egg, competent and Noble Teacher, ecstatic spirit Sainath Maharaj has come down to earth as one born with a cause and the God who has preached humanistic values and followed them too. The other form of religious integrity and living example of austerity. Preaching what he has done and doing what he will preach is this personality. Sai Ideal is the force that makes life purposeful and leads towards humanity first and divinity next. The Sai Ideals shows us the method of attaining bliss and provides that divinity.

"Sai Spoorthi" - is a service organization that is committed to the four pillars of Sai Ideals, viz.. Religious tolerance, service motive, scripture reading, chanting the name of God and to spread them in the society. Baba has taught through his deeds the Noble philanthropist values like equality of religions, service to all forms of life sacrifice and contentment. The objective of Sai Spoorthi is to work with commitment and with the motivation of such a great mission for the welfare of society.

Accepting the message of Sai "Distribution Multiplies" and with an understanding that the society today is chaotic due to disturbance, agitation, ego, pessimism and depression is in need of Sai Ideals, the organization Sai Spoorthi would like to go ahead for the cause of spreading Sai Ideals with his blessings. The organization Sai Spoorthi is a confluence of the devotees of Sai Baba who have been doing tremendous service to spread Sai Ideals in a simple language and with unselfish motive spreading it among one and all and finally to make the Ideals more fragrant.

The objectives of "Sai Spoorthi"

.: To spread Shirdi Sai Ideals to the whole world.

.: To distribute "Sai Bhavana - a compilation of Sai Ideals" in the form of Books, CDs and Albums to every family.

.: To reach every City with a mobile team to share "
Sai Bhavana" with all the people through shows, devotional movie presentations, Bhajans, spiritual speeches, songs, art exhibitions and Baba stories.

.: To establish an Old Age Home "SAI ODI" (The lap of Sai) and give shelter to the abandoned, decrepit Senior Citizens.

To make this great task accomplish successfully we need Baba's Blessings, benevolent love and of course your help and support. Let us pray our mentor Baba to give Sai Spoorthi - his agency the required energy to give inspiration and motivation to several spiritual, social service organizations and also lead us in the right direction.

The Book "Sai Bhavana" is the image of a strong determination to make everyone comprehend the essence of life in a simple manner which is released out by the deeds of Sai to know the laws of life and be blessed by treading in the path of Saibaba. It is a brief power packed inspirational reading for every day of the year.

Man is running at the speed of thought for his livelihood these days. For the people who are tired in the struggle of life "Sai Bhavana" will become a base and support. A friend, guide, philosopher who gives advice in the most difficult situations. With its clarity of expression and aphoristic style, beautiful illustrations, ready-to-comprehend manner this book is a motivation to recollect the noble message of Sai through out the year. This is not like a simple book. Much more, an auspicious wish convened at Sai's will. Experienced writers, Artists, Technical Experts, and scores of Sai Devotees have put their labor and "Sai Bhavana" is but the result of such a collective effort.

Aum Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

Let all be happy
Let the universe be peaceful