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ll I can say is this is excellent site. I looked at Hindi and English versions and contents you have put in there are really nice. Keep up good work.
Uday (USA)

"Continuous excellent effort, not maximum strength or superior IQ, is the key to unlocking your potential as an achiever."
*Greg Werner {Strength & Conditioning Coach}

Saw your project. It's Very nice.
Good luck and wishing u Success in all your projects.
Take Care.
Vasini (Malaysia)


ood work.
This is excellent site and I have gone through your site, which give more spoorthi. Sai Spoorthi is very much needed in our busy life. Please keep up your good work.
Sudheer Kumar

This site is realy great. I informed about it to all my friends here. Thank for sharing this spiritual site with us.

The website is so nice which describes about Sai baba and it is great. It is created for all religious people. Anyway thanks for the devotees who had taken a sincere step to do it.
Thank you
Vikas (Coimbatore, TN, India)

Aum Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

Let all be happy
Let the universe be peaceful