January 01

The Universe Reflects God's Great Genius

Sri Sai is the Creator. One of His pastimes is the creation of the Universe. He turns awesome galactic systems into sphere-like balls and plays with them. He prepares and executes an excellent plan for each planet. The creation of countless milky ways, the sun, stars, galaxies and the planets in them, forests, mountains, rivers, variegated species and their varieties, nature and features of the earth and other planets in a suitable manner and enabling them to revolve in their respective spheres is indeed an amazing act of Sai. The multitude of stars, planets and other stellar objects will never come into friction by moving out of their sphere. Each planet resonates to the Law of Cosmic Rhythm. The Almighty Power binds all creation together. Our soul's ears can hear the 'music of the spheres'.
The sunrise, the pleasant moonlight and the star-studded sky will give us great joy. If this ecstasy is rightly perceived, the love of Baba will be realized by us. We, who are part and parcel of God's Creation, can get that blissful feeling by not violating the rules of nature. This is the message of Baba. But we are inviting trouble by ignoring the truth and behaving at will with egoistic feelings. If we observe the regular occurrence of the sunrise and sun-set, we can hear Baba's message of living like the sun, with a sense of discipline, commitment and regularity.

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