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Sainath Maharaj ki Jai...

Beloved Sai Devotee...

We both, I and my better half are devotees of 'Baba' since our childhood days. As our elders are devotees of Baba, we too have developed devotion and faith towards Baba from the very beginning of our lives.

We left for USA and stayed there for our jobs. Surprisingly I used to have Darshan of Baba in my dreams and at times have feelings that he is talking to me also. But I could not share this divine experience with others for want of suitable words.

Once it so happened that 'Baba' while showing me a book said that "here are my feelings and experience". Again he asked me "can you do this "? I kept mum because my eyes are glued on Him and I have literally no control over my consciousness. I am just staring the book without listening to his words. To my surprise, I could not open my mouth. I have noticed that 'Baba' walked simply towards Dwarakamayi, after handling over that 'Book' to me. At that movement I felt that it is just reality but not a dream. I came to consciousness gradually. At that time, I felt that it was nothing but the will and pleasure of Baba. I then narrated the whole incident to my wife who inturn greeted me and praised my fortune and finally gave a shape to my plans. So, we exactly dicided on that day itself to take up the job of getting the book 'SAI BHAVANA' reading for 365 days authored and printed.

The very next moment, a question started haunting us as to how can we get our plan materialized? It is not an easy task. To accomplish any simple or nobler task, money is very much needed. One can't take up any job without it. Next comes time factor. In fact, we both took up new assignments at that time only. But we had faith in Baba since He only made us to take up such decision. Therefore it is up to him to provide us with necessary resources to get our plan materialized. Accordingly we plunged into action. We left no stone unturned in our efforts. We used to deposite regularly a portion of our earnings separately. A period of seven years rolled on slowly and finally the day has come to return to India and take up the job of bringing out this book 'SAI BHAVANA' with the support and mercy of Baba.

As we surrendered totally to Baba, he too started supporting and guiding us in every step of life. We commenced the work thinking that we are his servants and entire credit of this task goes to Him only.
Finally, we with folded hands, pray Sai the Supreme Soul and Sadguru to shower his choicest blessings on you all and fulfil your long cherished dreams and desires and make your life purposeful.

Aum Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

Let all be happy
Let the universe be peaceful

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