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To establish an Old Age Home "SAI ODI" (The lap of Sai)
and give shelter to the abandoned, decrepit Senior Citizens.

Lap of the Sai

This is the twilight of life and sun vanishes
When the strength of youth diminishes
Children have gone out like swans
We remain here alone as orphans
Believed all as my kith and kin and fine
But learnt, none is mine
My journey is towards you Sainath
Show mercy lead me into a right path
Tired of mundane life and household
Lost the strength but I am in your fold
Sai, support me this is my request
Sai's lap is the best in East or West
I bow to you, I asked you heaven never
I surrender, always Oh, Sree Sai to you for ever...
Aum Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai
Let all be happy
Let the universe be peaceful

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