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Sai Spoorthi

Beloved Sai Devotee..,

We, the followers of Sai will read the holy Book “Sai Bhavana” to grasp Sai Ideal and truthfully follow it to make our life meaningful and help all to move on the golden path to reach the highest Ideal. The onerous task of printing and distributing this book can only be accomplished by Sai’s grace and direction. It is his wish to involve one and all in this Noble task. We wish to bring out this book by collective effort and we understand your valuable contribution as the key to realize him. It is a divine call and we request you to contribute generously for spreading Sai Ideal. Every pie is but for ‘Sai’ and spent at his will. We are planning to establish an old age home Sai Odi (The Lap of Sai) as per his instructions. We need your support and help in achieving this Herculean task. Baba will shower his blessings on his devotees and we may bloom into flowers for his service again.

Make cheques payable to

"Sai Spoorthi"

and Mail it to following address :

Sai Spoorthi

3601, SW 29th St. Ste. 204
TOPEKA, KS 66614. Ph: 785-271-8077



"Sai Bhavana" is the image of a strong determination to make everyone comprehend the essence of life in a simple manner which is released out by the deeds of Sai to know the laws of life and be blessed by treading in the path of Saibaba. It is a brief power packed inspirational reading for every day of the year.

Man is running at the speed of thought for his livelihood these days. For the people who are tired in the struggle of life "Sai Bhavana" will become a base and support. A friend, guide, philosopher who gives advice in the most difficult situations. With its clarity of expression and aphoristic style, beautiful illustrations, ready-to-comprehend manner this book is a motivation to recollect the noble message of Sai through out the year. This is not like a simple book. Much more, an auspicious wish convened at Sai's will. Experienced writers, Artists, Technical Experts, and scores of Sai Devotees have put their labor and "Sai Bhavana" is but the result of such a collective effort.

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